David Whitwell Building Certification offers the following services:

  1. Issuing of Construction Certificates (CC’s),

  2. Issuing of Complying Development Certificates (CDC’s),

  3. Acting as the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) carrying out of mandatory construction inspections during the course of building works,

  4. Issuing of interim/final occupation certificates for all building classes,

  5. Providing Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliance/audit reports for new buildings at concept/design stage,

  6. Carrying out of fire safety audit inspections to assess existing buildings against the Building Code of Australia

  7. Disability access compliance audits of new and existing buildings and providing of advice for upgrade improvements

  8. Government certification for compliance with the BCA for new and existing buildings

David Whitwell can certify a wide variety of different types of buildings such as residential, commercial, industrial buildings as well as other structures such as carparks and the like. 

Below is a list of some of the building projects that he has worked on throughout his career:

  • Childcare centres,

  • Gymnasiums,

  • Factories/workshops,

  • Self-storage sheds,

  • Residential apartments/associated carparking areas,

  • Motels & hotels,

  • Offices/professional consulting rooms,

  • Shopping centres,

  • School halls & classrooms,

  • Sporting stadiums,

  • Aged care buildings,

  • Health care buildings,

  • Residential dwellings,

  • Heritage buildings