Frequently Asked Questions


Why use a private certifier?

As a private certifier I act in a similar manner to Council throughout the CC/CDC process. Private certifiers are often highly qualified and will look after

Who can be an applicant for a Complying Development Certificate or a Construction Certificate?

 Generally, the property owner or building designer/architect is the applicant. A builder cannot be the applicant for an application unless they are also the property owner in accordance with section 109E(1a) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. 

Can I change PCA's?

A PCA is a service in carrying the mandatory inspections throughout the building process. This can be different from the person who issued the CC/CDC and can be changed by mutual agreement between the original certifier and the proposed certifier at any stage throughout the building process. This can be changed before works commence or any stage throughout the build process.

What is a CDC?

CDC stands for Complying Development Certificate. This can be issued by a private certifier or Council.

Complying development is a combined planning and construction approval for straightforward development that can be determined through a fast-track assessment by a private building certifier or council. Complying development applies to homes, businesses and industry and allows for a range of things like the construction of a new dwelling house, alterations and additions to a house, new industrial buildings, demolition of a building and changes to a business use. CDC’s can be issued in as little as 10 days. 

What is the Long Service Levy?

This is a State government levy required for all building works to provide long service for tradespeople in NSW. This levy is required to be paid before a CC/CDC can be issued. For further information and payment can be made at

What is Home Owners Warranty insurance?

This is insurance that your builder is required to provide for building works they undertake where the contract/market value exceeds $20,000. This is required before building works can commence on site and must be provided to the Principal Certifying Authority. For further information can be found on as well as about Owner Builder permits

Can a CC/CDC be issued after works commence?

No, approval must be in place prior to works commencing in accordance with the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act.

Can a private certifier issue a DA?

No, only local councils can issued a development approval.

Can a private certifier approve any plumbing or drainage works?

No. A private certifier can only inspect the point of connection to the approved stormwater system such as to an easement/ street gutter or other. Local council are the appropriate regulatory authority for any sewer works/connections and Riverina Water for water supply connections and plumbing work for Wagga Wagga. These two authorities are required to inspect such works.

When is a BASIX certificate required?

A BASIX certificate is required for all building works that exceed $50,000 in value and for swimming pools with a volume greater than 40,000L. Further information can be found at .