Did you know that some developments don't require a full development application through council?

Did you know that some developments don't require a full development application through council? This can lead to delays and additional costs that need not be incurred. An example is the following:

  1. Having to have a detailed Statement of Environmental Effects written by a town planner, 
  2. Neighbour notification of a development for 14 days with any objections from neighbours leading to additional delays for further info being required at further cost and time delay, 
  3. Once DA approval is given there may be DA conditions that further delay the building process and further cost for the relevant professional to prepare additional certificates/paperwork for approval by Council.

This is only a brief list of items that may be required and costs let alone the following

  1. Interest rates on bank loans before approval is given
  2. Losing the builder to another job due to the time delay in obtaining approval
  3. Building material cost increases 
  4. Additional time renting a property due to delays in gaining approval 

Research has been completed that shows that a minimum of $15,000 can be saved by obtaining a Complying Development Certificate approval for a new dwelling house. Savings can be substantially increased on larger projects such as commercial development that can also be done via a Complying Development Certificate.

Council does not provide advices if a development meets or could meet the standards for Complying Development.  As a result, you are often automatically sent through the DA process which delays movement for 4 months or more.

With complying development, the approval is issued within days of submitting the documents and plans and then you can start. This is what complying development is about. Not all developments can be done as a CDC but most residential commercial and industrial developments can be. Even development in heritage and flood areas can be done as CDC.

Don't get caught up in the DA process if you don't need to. Simply bypass council and get a separate approval and start work within days.

Cristy Houghton